11 Ways To Generate Leads Using Real Estate TikTok Videos

11 Ways To Generate Leads Using Real Estate TikTok Videos

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11 Ways To Generate Leads Using Real Estate TikTok Videos

With over a billion active users, professionals from every industry are present on TikTok, including real estate agents. Build your online brand and generate leads through this platform by choosing the correct username representing you and your business. Adapt your video content and employ effective TikTok real estate lead generation strategies—such as capitalizing on trends, picking popular audio, and using hashtags to increase your business’ revenue. Keep reading to learn how to use TikTok videos for real estate lead generation.

In combination with your TikTok real estate lead generation strategy, grow your social media reputation and business using a lead generation service like SmartZip. SmartZip is unique because it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify homeowners who are likely to sell and then targets your marketing directly to them. When they start seeing your ads, receiving direct mail, and seeing your organic videos on TikTok, you’ll increase your chances of converting them into clients.

1. Create Your Real Estate TikTok Profile & Get to Know the App

Creating an account is the first step to generating real estate leads from TikTok. The sign-up process is quick and easy, and you can register with your Google or Facebook profile or set up an account using your email address or phone number. The most crucial step of this process is choosing your username.

Try to choose a username that matches other social media platforms and a business name to make it easy for people to find you. It’s ideal if your username can include the term “real estate,” “realtor,” and/or the name of your area. However, if you don’t get it right the first time, you can always change your username later.

The best way to understand the app and start getting ideas is to start scrolling and searching. The app is split into two sections: “Following” and “For You.” The “Following” page shows content from the people a user is following, like most other social platforms.

The “For You” page is full of videos picked based on the user’s interests and is often where TikTok users spend most of their time on the app. It allows users to interact with videos from new and unfamiliar creators, influencers, and businesses. This is a golden opportunity for you to capture an audience and build your following faster and more efficiently.

2. Target a Real Estate Niche

It’s simple to establish a real estate niche and an audience on TikTok since there are constantly new trends that are designed to be adapted to any industry or topic. Some TikTokers have grown their audience by hundreds of thousands by creating videos or doing the same trend multiple times with minimal changes.

For example, TikToker @stefaniekebede created a popular series of videos, showing what million-dollar houses look like in different cities throughout the U.S. Take a look at one of her videos below:

One strategy would be to narrow niches to specific client types, like expired listings or For Sale by Owner (FSBOs). But it’s also OK if you want to attract more general clients, like homesellers and buyers. You should still get specific when targeting content for those categories, like first-time homebuyers, home flippers, or empty nesters. Envision the ideal client within your niche, write down their common questions and concerns, and then make content that specifically addresses those topics.

Over time, you may get more engagement and leads from one type of client on TikTok. Continue to improve your results and increase engagement by responding to comments from this audience and making more targeted content for the realtors using TikTok who represent your niche audience and are most active on this platform.

For example, @realestatesource has established a niche in commercial real estate. She posts educational videos where she talks and answers questions about commercial real estate, like how to start in commercial real estate and tips for working with a landlord. She also uses trends and features like stitching (including part of someone else’s video in your video) and trending audio to adapt them to her field.

3. Be Creative With Real Estate TikTok Content

One of the many reasons TikTok’s content is attractive to users is its algorithm uniquely gives all users an equal opportunity to go viral. According to Sensor Tower, TikTok is the most downloaded app in the world, with more than 176 million downloads since the start of 2022, making TikTok the fifth app to reach over 3.5 billion total downloads. Therefore, by posting consistently, TikTok can provide you with a more significant organic reach than most other platforms.

You can repurpose existing video content from other platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as videos for your listings, but you should also try new things and take advantage of trends to increase your reach. For instance, in addition to listing videos, post videos with quick home staging tips, curb appeal tips, running through a buyer or seller checklist, decluttering, negotiating, and so on.

Are you camera-shy or worried about fumbling with your words while being recorded? You can post videos of yourself talking, but you can also put content into graphic text blocks along with popular music or audio.

You can repurpose existing video content from other platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as videos for your listings, but you should also try new things and take advantage of trends to increase your reach. For instance, in addition to listing videos, post videos with quick home staging tips, curb appeal tips, running through a buyer or seller checklist, decluttering, negotiating, and so on.

Are you camera-shy or worried about fumbling with your words while being recorded? You can post videos of yourself talking, but you can also put content into graphic text blocks along with popular music or audio.

If you’re struggling to create unique TikTok content, use REDX Brand Builder. Brand Builder is powered by Storyy, a “done-with-you” social media content creation platform designed to help you convert more leads from your database through TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. It also assists you in turning the raw video into premium content for you by just submitting your raw video. REDX’s team of experts will enhance your video with captions, emojis, and stickers and craft a caption that matches your brand, voice, and message.

An essential aspect of finding success on TikTok is staying on top of trends. Often, trends on TikTok come down to the audio used. An audio can be a clip of a song, random sounds, or a clip from a TV show or movie. Unlike Instagram or Facebook, where many posts don’t have sound, TikTok provides various sounds or music that you can use on any video that will help you attract an audience’s attention.

Although you can upload a video without music, TikTok is heavily driven by audio. Scroll through TikTok for just a few minutes, and you’ll notice multiple videos with the same song or sound, meaning those sounds are currently trending and likely have billions of views every day. Think of the audio as a trending hashtag that will attract others looking for the same hashtag.

An example of the power of audio is the following video from @doggface208. He posted a 22-second video of himself riding a skateboard, drinking Ocean Spray cranberry juice, and listening to “Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac. According to Rolling Stone, the 1977 song returned to the 29th spot on the Top 100 Songs Chart, was streamed over 1 million times a day, and sales for the song nearly tripled. Using popular TikTok audios can boost your post’s views and engagement, which can result in generating and capturing leads.

Think about the sound you attach to every TikTok video before you post it. Even if you want to post a video without music, you can still connect audio to your video and turn the sound down, so your voice is still heard in the video. This is an easy and practical way to make it more likely for TikTok to show your video to a higher number of people, even if the sound isn’t audible.

Here’s another fantastic TikTok video example from @stefaniekebede. She recorded an educational video about purchasing a multi-family home instead of a single-family home, then added the famous sound “Blade Runner 2049 – Synthwave Goose” to the background of her video. You can still hear her speaking clearly, but using sound helps her video get seen by more people.

TikTok is a unique social media channel for many reasons, and it’s created a culture with its humor, style, and trends. There are constantly new TikTok trends, meaning many people use audio, dance, or filters to jump on the trend bandwagon. Since these trends are viral and familiar, they are a great way to grow your audience and tweak the trends to fit your real estate brand and niche.

Take a few minutes to scroll down the “For You” page on TikTok, and you’ll start seeing and understanding the trends. Take note of the audio, filters, and dances you repeatedly see to get real estate TikTok ideas and think about how you could tweak the trend to fit your real estate TikTok strategy.

@texastattooedrealtor has many excellent examples of how you can do this. She uses popular trends, talks to her target audience, and answers their questions or problems. The video above plays an audio clip of Will Farrell from the famous movie “Elf” to show homebuyers’ excitement when they’re house hunting. Her second video above includes dancing to the popular audio “Vroom Vroom” by Gwendolyn while plugging her expertise as a real estate professional.

Most trending videos are well under 30 seconds in length but still drive millions of views, offering an easily accessible way to grow your audience and build your authority with TikTok trends. You will also attract your target real estate audience by including humor, popular audio, and common concerns.

6. Post Your Real Estate Listings

Zillow, the largest real estate database online, encourages real estate agents to add property videos to their listings. Therefore, a powerful and efficient way to market your listings would be to film videos of the property and repurpose them for use on your TikTok page.

Since Zillow videos can be up to 10 minutes, you can splice them to create multiple videos to share on TikTok. Cut your walk-through videos into several shorter videos, or use simple video transitions with trending audio to make your listing videos even more engaging. For example, split your videos up by room to showcase the features and encourage viewers to scroll through each of your videos to get a complete snapshot of the home.

Take, for instance, the listing videos of @heider_realestate on TikTok. She does a video tour of her listings and then speeds up the video to make each tour fit into a 30-second to 1-minute video. She also includes music in the background to match the home’s ambiance.

Real estate listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than listings without videos. This means creating videos doesn’t just offer another way to appeal to buyers—it’s necessary if you want to reach the highest number of people.

Reach the largest possible audience for your properties and generate more leads as a Zillow Premier Agent (ZPA). It gives your profile a prime location on listings and generates more highly qualified leads since it’s the largest real estate database online. You’ll even be able to communicate with leads and clients through the Zillow app and get exposure on other Zillow-owned real estate platforms like Trulia, Street Easy, and RealEstate.com.

7. Adapt Your Real Estate Video Content for TikTok

Starting a new social media platform doesn’t necessarily mean you have to make content from scratch. If you’ve created any video content in the past, like for YouTube or Instagram Stories, you can easily edit your existing videos to fit on TikTok. TikTok videos can be up to three minutes long, but TikTok videos that are 15 seconds or less have a 90% watch time.

Even if you don’t have video content, you can develop many realtor TikTok ideas with a little strategy. Go through your existing content, including blogs, emails, and social media posts, and think about consolidating the content from those posts into short videos.

If you still need more ideas, think about each type of individual you want to target—like first-time homebuyers, foreclosures, expired listings, or sellers. Then write down common questions and problems they face and scroll through the “For You” page and real estate hashtags to get ideas about how you could engagingly present the information.

TikTok user @Stefaniekebede has many great examples of adapting content for this platform. In one short video, she gives her audience a piece of information about how to buy a house in 30 to 40 days. This information could have easily come from a long-form blog post or live video training, but she compiled it into a 15-second video with over 44,000 views.


TikTok for real estate agents can be challenging, but by combining the Market Leader client relationship manager (CRM) with your real estate TikTok strategy, you’ll be able to increase your audience and be confident that you’re not missing any opportunities to grow your business. Market Leader offers a robust CRM and exclusive leads, immediately cutting down your competition. Plus, multichannel automated marketing helps you start effectively following up with your leads without spending weeks creating a funnel.

8. Direct Viewers to Your Website & Landing Page

TikTok allows you to put one link on your profile, and it’s front and center for anyone who clicks on your name and views your profile. An ideal way to use this spot is to link to your website or a landing page. You can easily use Placester to create a custom landing page optimized to convert leads from TikTok. Using a landing page specifically for TikTok can also give you more precise insights into how many people interact with your content.

For the most in-depth and user-friendly analytics, HubSpot provides visual data like traffic analytics, visitor engagements, contacts, and behavior charts. The HubSpot Marketing Hub is an all-in-one CRM, landing page, website builder, and marketing software. Review the analytics dashboard to understand where your leads are coming from if those leads are converting into clients, and how you can improve your content to increase your engagement.

9. Use TikTok Real Estate Hashtags

Social media hashtags tell the TikTok algorithm what your content is about so your video can be shown to people interested in relevant topics. To find popular and relevant TikTok hashtags, go to the “Discover” page within the app and search for real estate-related topics. Popular TikTok real estate hashtags include #realtor, #realestateagent, and #home. Look at the people who are successful in real estate and take note of the hashtags they use.

For example, @vanesaaragonrealtor adds a few general hashtags to her videos, like #realtor and #realestate. However, since she’s creating content about the market shift in real estate, she uses the #marketshift, #firsttimehomebuyer, #realestate, and #homebuying to help her get in front of a more targeted audience. Use hashtags with varying levels of popularity. You have a better chance of being found through real estate hashtags with under 100,000 views, whereas hashtags with billions of views might bury your video too quickly.

10. Share Your Content on Other Platforms

The short, attention-grabbing nature of TikTok content has reached over 1 billion users and is forecasted to increase until at least 2025, but it doesn’t have to stop with TikTok. Every time you invest your time and effort into marketing your real estate business, getting as much mileage as possible is essential. Share your TikTok real estate videos on other platforms, like Instagram Reels and Stories, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook posts, and even Facebook real estate ads.

You might need assistance if you don’t have a social media marketing strategy or don’t feel confident cross-posting on multiple social media platforms. Take advantage of Sprout Social’s robust tools for managing your inbox, social media schedule, mentions, and analytics. In addition, it supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn for core social media. Moreover, its Feedly integration lets you view your “followed” feeds directly from the app’s interface and share content immediately.

11. Input Leads Into a CRM

Before TikTok real estate leads start pouring in, you need to have tools in place so that no potential clients fall through the cracks. Look for a real estate CRM with lead generation and follow-up tools that integrate with TikTok, like Pipedrive.

Through a Zapier integration, every lead you generate from TikTok real estate videos will automatically be added to the Pipedrive CRM. Since Pipedrive has a visual pipeline process and tracks every communication you have with each lead, you’ll be able to nurture your leads without spending hours replying to comments and messages.

With Pipedrive, you can move your leads along the pipeline more smoothly with the automated emails and calls and the ability to live chat and easily schedule appointments. Pipedrive helps you not only generate and communicate with leads but truly nurture them at every turn and build the rapport and trust you need to sign them as a new client ultimately.

However, if you don’t think Pipedrive is the right fit for your real estate business, check out these other best real estate CRM software:

TikTok Real Estate Marketing Statistics

Still not convinced that TikTok for real estate agents can be an asset? Take a look at some additional statistics below to see the positive power of TikTok and the TikTok audience:

  • TikTok was the most downloaded app on the Apple App Store in Q2 2022, with over 60 million downloads on iPhone and iPad devices in a quarter, and there were 125 million downloads by Android users.
  • Regarding the daily time spent on TikTok, users in the U.S. spend an average of 45.8 minutes per day on the app.
  • Most TikTok users are between the ages of 18 and 24 (39.91%).
  • The United States has the largest TikTok audience as of April 2022, with over 136 million audiences.
  • TikTok is the most engaging social media app, with an average session length of 10.85 minutes.

Bottom Line

TikTok is a unique social media platform, and most real estate agents haven’t taken advantage of it yet. That equates to a massive opportunity for real estate agents and brokers to reach a large audience with relatively little competition. By optimizing your TikTok real estate profile, trending videos and audio, and addressing your audience’s problems, you’ll be able to attract a targeted audience and grow your real estate business.

Source: www.fitsmallbusiness.com

Author: Jealie Dacanay


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