Awareness for 2022

Awareness for 2022

Mike Rus

After attending and participating in several webinars with great mentors who still do this business today, Mike was able to begin earning 10x his income, and he did it all tax-free by utilizing his SDIRA. Mike is a very motivated individual who has a gift for teaching others. To connect with Mike, sign up for free / log in on


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Awareness For 2022

You don’t want to miss this workshop.
What you will walk away with are exercises to test this out in your own experience.
This may not seem relative to you becoming a successful investor, but man it has everything to do with building your investment life!

We are all looking for improvement in our lives.
What I find interesting with the 5 areas above is that if I improve in one area only the other 4 just follow along.
What I personally find the easiest area to improve may not be easy for another person.

If I find building relationships my strong suit (some of my family members might disagree:) which I do, the other areas get just as much of a boost.

Whatever you focus on, the reality is all about your Awareness.
Your awareness that you are working on building your relationships, and how the improvement carries over to your other 4 areas.

You may have dropped some weight during the past 2 years, and very interestingly your bank accounts started filling up, or some new business relationship pops up.
Being aware or becoming aware is the point here.

You won’t get better results if you are not looking for them or at least noticing the sometimes slight improvement or better yet exponential improvement in all areas.

I find this fascinating, and I have been able to help many students over the years in all 5 areas.


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