Building Wealth through Multiple Streams of Income

Building Wealth through Multiple Streams of Income

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June 27, 2019

Today, overidentifying with your job can be a risky thing. In this new economy, employees are finding employment tenuous. Company restructuring means pink slips, demotions and low wages for employees, making it difficult to do what my father was able to do—dedicate himself to one profession for thirty years.

As a car assemblyman for General Motors, he provided for a family of five. Mom remained a homemaker. Through his income alone, our family was able to purchase four properties and accumulate other investments. This was an awesome task for a former farmer from Mississippi.

That was then. But now, looking at a nine to five alone for financial security is unwise. Yet, accruing financial power necessitates investing, building a nest-egg for retirement, a college fund for your children and an emergency fund.

How can you diversify your ability to make money? How can you exert control over your talents and position them to supplement your income?

Consider being a part-time realtor.

The process of licensure takes less time than other careers. Pursuing it while working a full-time job is doable.

Secondly, as a realtor, you are also your own boss. Through hard work and focus, you have access to unlimited earning potential. By making sure you put your customers first and by providing the best for them, it is a sure-fire way to slowly build your reputation and grow your earnings. Unlimited income can result.

Lastly, the flexibility of the job makes it perfect for parents. Scheduling meetings with clients between your child’s doctor appointments, conferences with teachers and ballet practices, making this a desirable pursuit.

Streams of income are the best strategy to build wealth. You can better control your level of income and it guarantees earnings even in the case of job loss.  Becoming a realtor is an excellent way to subsidize your financial goals. The process of licensure is doable as you work a full-time job. The flexibility of the profession is an asset, and your earning potential is high. Who knows? You might enjoy it so much, it’ll become your next career!

Who is Rosalind Henderson?

Rosalind Henderson is a certified leadership trainer and the author for ten years. Her books include, “Negative No More, 100+ Ways to Upgrade Your Life,” and her latest, “The ABCs of an A+ Workplace.” A product of renown leadership mentors, Dr John Maxwell, Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend, plus her experience in educational leadership combine to empower professionals, and leaders with proven approaches, tools and mindsets to elevate performance and improve profitability.

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