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Mohsen Amini (Mason)
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I coach individuals, families and groups. I coach on maintaining healthy Body and Mind. My main focus is on training how to LISTEN AND SPEAK EFFECTIVELY.
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At my golden age, I chose to share my life experience with younger generations. I chose to become a Coach. Coaching in 2 important areas of life, in the area of health. “HEALTH OF BODY AND MIND”.
“HEALTHY MIND”: I am a proud Landmark Education Graduate. Landmark Education (LE) is a rich body of Life Distinctions. LE is delivered in 3 days, offering many values, the value you get depends on where in life, you are stuck / trapped. The value I got is to PUT MY PAST IN THE PAST WHERE IT BELONGS TO AND LIVE A TRANSFORMED LIFE. LE empowers you to live A LIFE BY DESGIN, NOT LIVING THE LIFE GIVEN BY THE PAST. The first person, I introduced LE is my daughter when she was 8. She became a wise power house by her participation in The LE. Although at her high school age, her mom and I were in divorce, my daughter became an “A” student and then HONOR STUDENT. I am proud of who she became and we are thankful of LE.
“HEALTHY BODY”: It is proven that “PROPER BLOOD FLOW / BLOOD CIRCULATION” plays a very important role in our high level of energy and peak performance. “NASA” use of this technology (PEMF), and many other top performer athletes are part of our credibility. For more details read my following articles. I am happy to receive feedback for like minded viewers, feel free to join me. As the New Year Gift, I am offering 2 free sessions online.
Mohsen Amini, From Newport Beach, California USA.

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4590 MacArthur Blvd. # 500 Newport Beach
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