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Address: 940 Kimbark St., Unit F
Longmont CO
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Business Life Coaching
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1) I work with entrepreneurs to clear the clutter in the mind and around you, so you can create the business life you really want. 2) We uncover the reason you were born and streamline your activity to forward that purpose. 3) Because your communication is currently designed to protect you, it grossly limits your full expressive power. We will train in communication that frees you up to make the difference you want to.n 4) Accountability is crucial to breaking through to a new level of results. 5) A good coach reveals to you the blindspots holding you back from living your optimal potential. 6) Together we build structures to support the sustaining of best practices.

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303 747 4449
Mark 1 Wealth Academy
Address: 1342 East Chapman Ave, Orange, CA

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Why Real Estate Is Your Fastest, Safest Path To Wealth
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We all want to know the fastest, safest path to wealth but there are all kinds of debates on what is the best investment to make, so how does a person know?

At the Mark 1 Wealth Academy, you will learn exactly how and why real estate is not only the fastest way to build wealth but is the safest when it comes to your future retirement. Let’s get started:

There are two keys to reaching your maximum wealth growth

1. To learn how wealth growth really works or what we call exponential wealth growth. Exponential wealth growth is increasing the multiples or magnifying your wealth growth many times thru many different components.

2. Once you understand how exponential wealth growth works the next step is to apply it to your life situation.

So what is Exponential Wealth Growth?

Glad you asked! We have all been taught from the time we were very young to save money and to be rich we need to save a lot of money. But the truth is very few people ever become rich saving money. Think about the super wealthy, did they get there plugging away at saving money in their bank or 401K?

No, the reason is saving in the bank or even the stock market is what is known as linear wealth growth. Linear simply means in a straight line. The challenge with linear wealth growth is you are only making money on your money, which means a multiple of one.

“Isn’t that how everyone does it?

No, the wealthy magnify their wealth growth by increasing the multiples of the wealth growth on their money. What this means is they are making money in many different ways. This is why most wealthy people own businesses and some own many businesses. Did you know that owning investment real estate IS OWNING A BUSINESS!

Because of this real estate has many wealth growth advantages over every other investment you can make. Real estate has FIVE Economic Benefits, what this means is that you are making money on your money Five Different Ways! Because of this, it is possible to increase your wealth growth and retirement income by more than triple your 401K/IRA thru the stock market.

Does this sound scary to you? It can be if you don’t know what you are doing. With our Mark 1 Wealth Academy Advisors help the risk can be reduced to a level far less than the stock market.

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