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When you plan and execute the upward motion, excitement and joy will be just a beginning.
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Kian Zarnegar
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Commercial Loans and Establishing Business Credit.
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Working to obtain commercial loans for your business, now and in the future. Helping to move your business and objectives to a higher platform and the next phase. Do you have a desire to become a business owner? Were you interested to make an acquisition of a business? Were you after an SBA loan? How much in funds did you need for flipping a home or a number of homes? Why would a solid direct finance company work for your construction projects, flipping projects, refi? Would having cash in place of your receivables help at this time? How about interest-only loans, would you be happy paying interest only on a loan you can have to pull the business over the current constraint? Would you feel better about having funds for business through asset financing? How many different types of equipment did you need financing for? What about a line of credit (easy qualifying term loans)? What does establishing business credit mean for your business and how can you have that setup? The aforementioned describes some of the scenarios your business may be facing at this time. I am able to offer different financing programs for various business types and where lower score credit may be considered. Each scenario is different and I can better help you when both of us speak. Let's move your business forward, let's talk.

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1968 S Coast Hwy., Laguna Beach, CA.