Coach’s Corner Workshop (November 09, 2021)

Coach’s Corner Presentation

November 09, 21  –  6 pm (PDT)  –  on Zoom


Grow Your Business on Rewarding Relationships

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David Plummer III

DP3 Organization

Coach & Trainer

Topic: How to create a multi million dollar database through relationships.

  • Three types of business relationships
  • Five keys to building business relationships
  • How to create your CRM/Database

Martin Kettelhut


Business Coach

Topic: When the communication gets tough

The main consideration is: Do you intend to be in control, or do you intend to be in relationship?

  • Right or Real
  • Avoid or Express / Transparency
  • Welcome Feedback
  • Revise
  • You’re a walking Contradiction
  • Embrace Not Knowing / Peaceful Presence

Mike Ruscica




  • People are the lifeblood of everyone’s business
  • You get to the people by marketing. No marketing no people

A good coach can change a game, a great coach can change a life.

John Wooden

About the Coach’s Corner Workshop

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The meeting link & password is made available to registered guests only.

Coaches Bio

David Plummer III

David Plummer III

DP3 Organization Coach & Trainer

David Plummer III

A 35-year veteran of the title insurance industry, Pepperdine grad David Plummer III brings tremendous knowledge and experience to his craft. He has received numerous awards in his career including Sales Person of the Year nine times. He has held a number of positions in the title industry, including Sales Manager and Regional Sales Trainer. One of his greatest attributes is his ability to communicate with all real estate professionals, from top producers to the newly licensed agent. He takes great pride in the number of long term clients, relationships and friends he has in his business today. In 2013 David launched The DP3 Organization, his Real Estate Academy, which he and his team train and coach real estate professionals nationwide. Topic: Master Ceremony
Martin Kettelhut

Martin Kettelhut

ListeningIsTheKey Business Coach

Martin W. Kettelhut

“Doc” has coached groups and corporate teams, as well as individual entrepreneurs and executives for more than 20 years. “I’m a triple bottom-line driven coach:  profit, people, planet; and I like to partner with businesses with purpose.” Doc maintains that health and meditation are crucial factors in producing results. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music and Philosophy from Knox College, a Master’s degree in Music from Indiana University, and a Masters and PhD in Philosophy from Temple University. Doc is an avid swimmer, and classical pianist. He counts summiting Mount Kilimanjaro in August of 2000 among his highest achievements.
Mike Rus Photo

Mike Ruscica

NoteConference Coaching 

Mike Ruscica

After attending and participating in several webinars with great mentors who still do this business today, Mike was able to begin earning 10x his income, and he did it all tax-free by utilizing his SDIRA. Mike is a very motivated individual who has a gift for teaching others. In fact, he has been teaching others from a young age. This life-long passion and experience has helped him to become a professional mentor.

Mike’s coaching program is life-changing. What everyone really wants is to be truly happy. We all hear about it on T.V, YouTube, or Facebook ads but, unfortunately we don’t all know how to get there. Mike has a gift for helping you to open up and realize your true potential.