Season 1, Episode 13

Aliso Viejo

Michael Brown, Patti Gregory & Saeed Ghaffari

Featured Listings

Pros & Cons of Homeowner Associations

Oct 14, 2020 | Podcast

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Saeed Ghaffari


Patti Gregory

Michael Brown

 The Pros and Cons of Homeowner Associations

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Aliso Viejo


19 Windgate

Aliso Viejo 92656



38 Northern Pine

Aliso Viejo 92656


San Martine

23361 Via San Martine

Aliso Viejo 92656

San Martine


94 Summerland Cir

Aliso Viejo 92656

Rue Du Chateua

89 Rue Du Chateau # 10

Aliso Viejo 92656
Rue Du Chateua

About This Episode

Episode 13: Featuring Michael Brown / Patti Gregory & the Pros and Cons of Homeowner Associations

For today’s episode, we sit down for a conversation with Michael Brown who is running for Aliso Viejo’s city council. We discuss the pros and cons of homeowner’s associations, as well as what makes Aliso Viejo the safest city in California. Also featured are several properties for sale in the area.

Thanks to today’s special realtor guest, Patti Gregory.

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