Event of the Month (August 24, 2021)

Event of the Month

August 24, 21  –  6 pm (PDT)  –  on Zoom


A venue for Connection, Education & Opportunities for Real Estate Professionals & Consumers

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Non-performing Mortgage Notes Investment

by Mike Rus

Capital Acquisition Strategies

by Dr. DeVaughn Dames

Market Update / Connecting buyers, sellers and Investors to Vetted Professionals

by Saeed Ghaffari

Saeed Ghaffari Photo

Saeed Ghaffari



David Plummer III

David Plummer III

DP3 Organization

Coach & Trainer

Program MC

Mike Rus Photo

Mike Rus



DeVaughn Dames

Dr. DeVaughn Dames

RTP Funding


About the Event

Money, Real Estate & More monthly events provide transparency, literacy and education in real estate and financial services and related fields.  Join us for 60 minutes of informative, motivational, and educational webinar with market updates, real estate buying, selling, financing and investment tips offered by our panel of speakers and a presentation of our keynote speaker, Paull Vann, Financial Advisor with Sagemark Consultants on all you need to know about holistic financial planning.

To avoid zoom bombing, meeting link & password is made available to registered guests only.

You will learn how to:

  • Structures are what holds everything in place: Introduction to structure.
  • If you’re getting what you want, acknowledge the structures that make that possible. If you’re not getting what you want (at work, at home, in the community), it’s time to change the structures holding that in place.
  • Most structures have been set up unconsciously. So who set them up? —> Internal structures
  • The mother of all (internal) structure:  Secret Identity
  • If you can’t change Secret Identity, what can you do to get better results? —> Purpose
  • Multiple streams of income is the way to real wealth
  • Associate with people that are getting the results you want, this means getting new friends.
  • Build out your network. Build out your list. Join groups, networks, clubs, meetups, etc.
  • Take control of your future, don’t let life “Happen” to you 
  • So Cal Real Estate Market Update
    • County by County Stats (LA, OC, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego & Ventura)
    • 5 Week Averages (Active Inventory, Closings, New & Old Listings)


Saeed Ghaffari Photo

Saeed Ghaffari

Saeed is the founder and the host of Money, Real Estate & More platform and podcast. He has over 5000 followers on Linkedin and has produced 30+ podcast episodes on real estate and financial topics. His listenership reaches 11 countries and 24 states within the U.S.
He has over 30 years of experience in real estate as a lender overseeing more than 3000 transactions and as an investor in over 100 projects in multiple states in the country.

He graduated from Cal State Fullerton in 1986 with bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering.  Engineer turned into real estate professional and an ardent entrepreneur, he started and ran multiple successful businesses. In 2018 he came up with a vision to offer transparency, literacy and connection to home buyers, sellers and investors and connect them to the experts and professionals in real estate, financial and related services, all in one platform, Money, Real Estate & More

Topic: So Cal Real Estate Update

David Plummer III

David Plummer III

A 35-year veteran of the title insurance industry, Pepperdine grad

David Plummer III brings tremendous knowledge and experience to his craft. He has received numerous awards in his career including Sales Person of the Year nine times. He has held a number of positions in the title industry, including Sales Manager and Regional Sales Trainer. One of his greatest attributes is his ability to communicate with all real estate professionals, from top producers to the newly licensed agent. He takes great pride in the number of long term clients, relationships and friends he has in his business today. In 2013 David launched The DP3 Organization, his Real Estate Academy, which he and his team train and coach real estate professionals nationwide.

Topic: Master Ceremony

Mike Rus Photo

Mike Rus

After attending and participating in several webinars with great mentors who still do this business today, Mike was able to begin earning 10x his income, and he did it all tax-free by utilizing his SDIRA. Mike is a very motivated individual who has a gift for teaching others. In fact, he has been teaching others from a young age. This life-long passion and experienced has helped him to become a professional mentor.

Mike’s coaching program is life-changing. What everyone really wants is to be truly happy. We all hear about it on T.V, YouTube, or Facebook ads but, unfortunately we don’t all know how to get there. Mike has a gift for helping you to open up and realize your true potential.


Topic: Non-performing Mortgage Notes Investment


Devaughn Dames

Dr. Devaughn Dames

My name is Dr. DeVaughn Dames, and I am the founder of RTP Funding. RTP-Funding is an international consulting company specializing in asset-backed investment partnerships. Our goal is to offer our investing clients the best service and find the right capital partnerships for your team. Our groups include partnerships in equity and debt instruments. We do more than just funding. Call us today (877)-505-4434, and if you have a project, we have a capital partner for you. We also have unique partnerships for real estate syndication, co-investing in multifamily units, specialty trusts, virtual accounting, personal financial accounting, trust accounting, corporate structures, taxes, crowdfunding, private lenders, tradelines, capital raising for debt and equity instruments.

Topic: Capital Acquisition Strategies

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