Note Investing Advanced Concepts: Partials, Balloons and Wraps

“The Note Professor”™ Tom Henderson will teach “Advanced Concepts: Partials, Balloons and Wraps”
in a Half Day Live Webinar This Saturday, Feb. 13!

Absolutely NO sales pitches.

What You Will Learn

  • Different Ways to Buy and Sell Partials
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Partials
  • Why Notes Are Discounted and How Partials Solve Problems
  • How Partials Reduce Risks
  • When to Sell Partials Instead of Entire Note
  • How to Achieve 18%, 75%, and Higher
  • First Thing All Note Investors Should Do
  • How to Purchase Notes with NONE of YOUR MONEY
  • Three Different Ways to Determine Who Gets What in The Event of Early Payoff or Default and When to Use Each
  • The Two Note Partial and When to Use
  • How Not to Get Caught in Partial Traps
  • How to Buy or Sell the Tail End of a Note
  • Split Funding for Astronomical Yields
  • ITV vs LTV and How Partials Make Marginal Notes Good
  • How Partials Solve Note Myths


    • The Balloon Fantasy Both Payors and Payees
    • How to Determine the Balance of a Note and Amount of a Balloon
    • How to Bust Balloons
    • Note Clauses for Built in Extensions to Balloons (A Must for Buying Property)
    • The Loan Modification Trap and How to Avoid
    • 3 Ways to Purchase the Entire Balloon
    • How to Purchase Balloon Partials
    • Dangers of Purchasing Balloons
    • When Short Term Balloons Can Be Used
    • All Questions Answered

    Tom Commands $199 to $299 for His Half Day Presentations.

    For This Event We Have a Fantastic, Affordable Offer: Just $97.00.  Click here for registration and more information.

Date(s) - 02/13/2021
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

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