La Habra Market Beat

La Habra Market Beat

November 18, 2020


By Saeed Ghaffari

What about La Habra?

A little History, Real Estate Stats, Schools and population Information

A little History

The name referred to the “Pass Through the Hills,” the natural pass through the hills to the north first discovered and used by Spanish explorers of the Portola expedition on July 30, 1769.

In 1839, when the area was part of Alta California, vast herds of cattle and horses grazed over the hills and valleys of Southern California. Mariano Reyes Roldan was granted 6,698 acres (27 km2) in that year and named his land Rancho Cañada de La Habra. In the 1860s, Abel Stearns purchased Rancho La Habra.

La Habra was founded in 1896.[8] The first post office in the town was established in 1898 in a corner of Coy’s Store at Central (now La Habra Boulevard) and Euclid Street.

The city was incorporated under general law on January 20, 1925, with a population of 3,000. The police force was organized in 1926 and employed a chief, traffic officer and patrolman. By 1928, the city was the largest avocado center in Southern California. In 1930, the first fire department building was constructed followed by the original City Hall in 1935. By 1950, the population reached nearly 5,000. The Civic Center took shape when the existing County Library was dedicated in 1966, followed by the present administration building in 1969.

For more than 70 years, La Habra was known as the city just south of La Habra Heights where the Hass avocado, of the Hass Avocado Mother Tree, was planted by Rudolph Hass in the 1920s. The fruit from this tree has since become one of the most popular avocado cultivars worldwide. The Hass Mother Tree succumbed to root rot in 2002.



La Habra has 18 schools, 14 public & 4 private.

Highest & Lowest ratings: 4 with 8 rating and 1 with a rating of 2 and a the rest in between



 61,965 as of 2010 census with the median income of $61,364 and median age of 35



Close to downtown LA, Cypress Performing Arts Center, beaches and mountains.


Real Estate Stats

La Habra reflected one of the strongest seller markets in So Cal last week with the market action index at 93 for single family homes and 78 for condominiums.

2 bedroom 2 bath single family homes with median price of $520,475 averaged 21 days on the market., reported.

The median rent in La Habra averages $1470 for a 1 bedroom and $2950 for 4 bedroom and in between for 2 and 3 bedroom properties.


  Single Family Residence Condominium
Median Price $748,800 $409,350
Price Per Square Foot $414 $363


  Median Rent
  1 Bedroom 2 bedroom 3 bedroom 4 bedroom
Median Rent $1,470 $1,830 $2,570 $2,950


Single Family

La Habra Market Beat

La Habra Market Beat


La Habra Market Beat

La Habra Market Beat

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La Habra

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