More and More Prospects in 2019

More and More Prospects in 2019

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June 28, 2019

More and more network

No matter the economic climate, you can greatly enhance your number of prospects by dedicating yourself to daily actions which produce results. 

Small daily activities can include, checking up on former clients, serving on a committee for the Chamber of Commerce or doing workshops for various segments of the community. 

Visibility will generate referrals and It can also build your sense of self-efficacy and confidence. 

On the other hand, acquiescing to procrastination can stifle a sense of urgency a realtor needs to stay motivated and dedicated to prospecting. 

If you lost your sense of urgency, how can you rekindle it? What were the conditions that ignited your enthusiasm in the past? How can you recapture this state? 

Related to your sense of urgency is your why. At one time you were passionate about first-time buyers or helping clients with poor credit attain the American dream of buying a house. Reposition your passion within the industry and a sense of meaning can rekindle a sense of urgency. 

Staying motivated, setting a goal for the number of prospects you want per month, and committing to daily actions to generate more potential clients is key to your success. 

In addition, a radical relational approach to getting referrals is a requirement in today’s economic climate. 

Eighty percent of your time each day should be spent networking according to the book, “The Seven Levels of Communication” by Michael Maher. (This book is worth reading) 

Also, note potential buyers are sophisticated and want to do business with those they trust. In the past, clients have been bombarded by calls or spammed by sales-driven realtors and now are a little jaded. 

Building trust through genuine care is the antidote to that. 

So, decide in 2019 to deepen your relational skills and bend over backwards for your clients. 

In the book, “The Seven Levels of Communication, “a realtor told a story about writing 350 handwritten notes to residents of an apartment whose rent was going up. (What a human interaction!) She simply told them there were affordable homes nearby, and she’d like to show them how to purchase one. Seventy-seven people responded, and she was working with quite a few of them six months later. 

How can you make radical people move to increase your number of prospects? 

In conclusion, being a realtor is being in the people business. Through rekindling your passion for the profession, finding your sense of urgency and using it as fuel to be radically relational and invaluable, the inevitable results will be more prospects in 2019. 

Rosalind Henderson

Rosalind Henderson is a certified leadership trainer and author for ten years. Her books include, “Negative No More,  100+ Ways to Upgrade your Life,” and her latest, “The ABCs of an A+ Workplace.” A product of renown leadership mentors, Dr. John Maxwell, Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend, plus her experience in educational leadership combines to empower professionals, and leaders with proven approaches, tools and mindsets to elevate performance and improve profitability.

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