Product Terms and Conditions

Coach’s Corner Subscription Terms & Conditions


The following are the terms and conditions of subscription agreement (the “agreement”) between you and More and More Marketing LLC (M&M) for subscribing to the Coach’s Corner workshop program (The Service) offered by M&M.

  1. The Service: Subscription to online workshops and coaching in real estate, financial and related business fields offered by coaches and trainers with relative experience and skillset.
    1. Coaches and trainers retained in the program are independent contractors and do not work for or represent M&M.
    2. During the course of this agreement, you understand and acknowledge that, in addition to the workshops offered in this program, coaches and trainers may offer other courses and training programs for additional fees. You are under no obligation to purchase, subscribe to or sign up for such courses or programs.
    3. During the course of this agreement, you understand and acknowledge that the coaches and trainers may promote other products and services offered by M&M, its sponsors and advertisers for additional fees. You under no obligation to purchase, subscribe to or sign up for such products and services.
    4. You understand and acknowledge that should you subscribe to, purchase or sign up for courses, products and services described in paragraphs 1.b and 1.c, the coaches, trainers and those who introduced you to M&M and such products may/shall get paid as a result of your purchase, subscription or signup.
    5. You understand and acknowledge that the coaches and trainers in the program may promote partnership, joint venture, investment and purchase opportunities listed and offered on M&M and outside of the M&M network. You agree to do your own due diligence and assess the risk and rewards associated with such opportunities, take part in such opportunities at free will and at your own risk and hold M&M and the referral parties harmless from any liabilities and losses incurred by you.
    6. You acknowledge and agree not take any of the coaches’ and trainer’s statements and training materials offered during the coaching and training program as a tax, financial or legal advice, although the coach or the trainer may be licensed as such professional. You are advised to, at the time of need, seek tax, financial and legal advice from licensed professionals outside of the training program.


  2. Workshop Schedules: Workshops are scheduled by each coach/trainer and are subject to change.
    1. You understand that there may be times that the coach/trainer may not be able to conduct the scheduled workshop for reasons beyond one’s control. In such a case the workshop shall be rescheduled.
    2. You acknowledge and understand that you may not be able to fit all workshops offered in the program in your schedule.
    3. Coaches and trainers may provide recorded video of a workshop at their own discretion, but have no obligation to do so. Such video recording if provided, may not be shared with others without express authorization of the coach/trainer conducting the workshop.


  3. Fees & Payment: You shall pay the monthly subscription fee, setup fee or any other fee associated with the service in U.S. dollar as described below:


    1. Setup Fee: None
    2. Monthly Subscription Fee: $11.97 for the first 3 months, $100 per month for each month thereafter
    3. Other fees: None
    4. Term: 3 months minimum, your subscription shall convert to a month to month agreement on the 4th month with applicable monthly fee, unless cancelled with a 30 days notice after 3 months of subscription. $50 early cancellation applies if you cancel your subscription before 3 months subscription is met.
    5. Cancellation: You may cancel your subscription with a 30-day notice at any time after month 3 without any cancellation fee.
    6. You understand and agree that no past payments shall be refunded if and when you cancel your subscription.

You agree to the above terms and acknowledge that your agreement shall take effect upon entering your payment information in the system and clicking the subscribe link.