Real Estate Investing Soars 400% In 2022 Fueled by Crypto and Stocks Payments

Real Estate Investing Soars 400% In 2022 Fueled by Crypto and Stocks Payments

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Real estate investing soars 400% in 2022 fueled by crypto and stocks payments

Data from the Spanish real estate market shows that interest in the sector has increased 400% since November as it has become a safe haven for investors amid the macroeconomic instability, inflation, and price rises aggravated by Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

When one considers the short-term impact that inflation and the war in Ukraine have on other segments of the global economy, such as the stock market, real estate becomes an attractive place to invest as it is currently a very solvent refuge value in the face of uncertainty, according to data gathered by Inviertis a firm that allows clients to invest in rented properties reports Europa Press.

Some investors have even moved funds from other, potentially riskier investments, such as stocks and cryptocurrencies, in order to seek safety in the real estate market.

Rebeca Pérez, CEO and founder of Inviertis, explained:

“Investors are withdrawing everything they had on the stock exchange and are investing in real estate to preserve their assets, a situation that has been accentuated since the Russian military invasion of Ukraine.”

Crypto gains prominence in the sector


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