“So Cal RE Market Report / Buyer, Seller & Investor Tips” by: Saeed Ghaffari

“So Cal RE Market Report / Buyer, Seller & Investor Tips” by: Saeed Ghaffari

February 17, 2021


By Saeed Ghaffari

Saeed Ghaffari

Saeed is the founder of Money, Real Estate & More. With over 30 years of experience as a lender, investor and a real estate professional, he provides free consulting in these fields. To connect with Saeed, sign up for free / log in on moreandmorenetwork.com and send him a private message.


Saeed Ghaffari

So Cal Market Beat

MLS Data provided courtesy of Real Estate Legends, USA

So Cal Market Beat

Buyer, Seller & Investor Tips

  • Buyers: All trends are in favor of sellers. Active inventory is down from last week and so is the new listing inventory, however, very insignificantly. Interest rates are also low and it brings more demand to the market, however it provides a higher purchase power to buyers. Older listings (100+ DOM) are also dropping, lowering the inventory. Low inventory, high demand, means a strong seller market.
  • Sellers: It’s never time to sell unless you have to. But if you have to sell, times could never be better. It’s a frenzy out there. Rates are low, demand is high, we are moving away from the winter, and the COVID related unknowns could disrupt the trend anytime. If you have to sell, don’t hesitate now.
  • Investors:
    • Long Term: Go for it. Take advantage of the lower rates.
    • Short to Mid Term: There are good deals out there and most likely more to come. Do your homework and roll the dice. You won’t get anywhere unless you are willing to take chances and get out of your comfort zone.
  • Everyone: Money is important, but it’s not everything. While you protect your financial interest, be sure to build good will with people you do business with.
  • Buyers, Sellers & Investors: Seek the advice of an experienced local realtor for data specific to your market.


So Cal MLS Weekly Activity Report


  • Active Listings had a drop of .73% in So Cal, slight improvement from the week before with .89% drop, highest drop was reported in Riverside county again, with 4.36% and the lowest was a gain of 1.48% in in Ventura Co.
  • The new listings, listings with 7 days or less on the market went down by just .14%, comparing to last week improvement of 13.49%, it’s net difference of 13.63% in the wrong direction.
  • Older listings inventory, listings with 100+ days on the market went down in every single county again. Good news in this category. The average for the region was 2.73%.
  • As mentioned last week, I have been monitoring the ratio of new listings to the total active inventory and the ratio of older listings to the active inventory, calling them Activity Index and Aged Listing Index respectively. When the Active Inventory curve stays flat or goes down, you want to see the Activity Index going up and the Aged Listing index going down. This past week, both stayed flat.
  • Coming Soon listings, listings about to hit the market in 10 days or less was down last week by 8.62%, much higher than the .44% drop of the week before. This activity was down in almost every county, except for OC that showed a 2.81% gain, with Ventura leading in the region with 27.91% drop, and second in place was LA with 16.45% drop. Other counties had single digit drops in this Category.
  • Finally, the good news, Closings took a turn from last week and the average for So Cal was up by 5.05%. Ventura had the lead with 53.54% increase, next was San Diego with 20.61% increase. Riverside was the only county showing a loss n Closings, at 2.57% and the rest had small increases in the Closing category.
  • The information provided to you is the courtesy of Real Estate Legends, USA and will be posted weekly in an article on moreandmorenetwork.com for your view.

Active Inventory is on a downward trend, keep it the seller market hot.

So Cal Market Beat

New listings are down a bit, older listing inventory is falling too. Both advantages go to sellers.

So Cal Market Beat

This is a fairly new graph, the ratio of new and aging listings over the total active inventory. It’s a good sign for the market when they move in the opposite direction.

So Cal Market Beat

Coming soon listings took a turn from last week and dropped 8.62%. Relatively a sharp drop.

So Cal Market Beat

Good news for all, closings were up from last week by 5.05%.

So Cal Market Beat

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