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Mike Rus

Huge help! Mike has been a wonderful mentor and very willingly shared his knowledge in various strategies and opinions on payoffs, partnerships, purchase prices of notes, how to read into credit reports then rate the borrower based on types of debt along with many other note related topics. Through our various phone calls and emails, I have found him to be very informative, and capable of explaining the note business with clarity, making it easier to understand a sometimes confusing topic. I also found that if I asked a question that he knew could be a complicated answer, he would get me in contact with a professional who worked specifically in that one topic. Saving me much work in searching and screening. While I was purchasing my first small pool of notes from him as my broker, he advised me not to purchase certain notes (resulting in him not getting the sell) due to the notes being over priced, and possibly very difficult to turn performing. This was when I noticed that he was more interested in my education and success, than he was in commission as a broker. Due to his high integrity and values of teaching, I have found his mentorship to be a great asset to the successes I have had so far. I would recommend Mike’s training, and this business to anyone who works in the note business.