The 4 T’s of Success

The 4 T’s of Success

June 2, 2021


By Saeed Ghaffari

Saeed Ghaffari

Saeed is the founder of Money, Real Estate & More. With over 30 years of experience as a lender, investor and a real estate professional, he provides free consulting in these fields. To connect with Saeed, sign up for free / log in on

Saeed Ghaffari

The 4 T’s of Success

I recently came across a quote from Archilochus, a Greek philosopher, that said “You don’t rise to the level of your expectations, you fall to the level of your training”.  It made me think and wonder, as I know many people with lots and lots of schooling and trainings with achievements way below their lofty goals and high aspirations. I find the above quote partially accurate as there is got to be more to success than training.


I was with a good friend of mine, a real estate trainer, a coach and a mentor, coach David Plummer III with DP3 Organization and Archilochus’ quote was the topic of our conversation. Below is my take on and the summary of our dialogue.

The prerequisite for success, while complicated, it’s yet very simple and Training is the first T among the 4 T’s of success.

  • Training
    Training is the very quintessential element necessary for success. No matter what space you operate in, your training plays a major part in how high you go. Training comes is many different forms, starting with academic training which includes schooling, high school, trade schools, and college education and continues on with ongoing coaching, training on the job and the school of hard knocks, getting down and dirty in the ditches and learning through experience.
  • Tools
    You may have all the training in the world, but without the tools to apply the training to the job at hand, your training is worthless. You may be an amazing electrician, engineer or a painter. You will need the tools to put your skills to work. Let’s take painting for an example, as a painter, you either need a brush, a roller or sprayer to apply the paint to the walls of a building. You may be an awesome communicater, without a media to communicate in such as an email system or a social media platform, your communication skills are hidden and of no value.
  • Technology
    The tools of the trade evolve and advance with time. Technology is advancing as fast as the speed of sound, it sure seems like it. As soon as an idea is verbalized, it’s out on the market and in practice by someone. Your level of success highly depends on the technology you retain and apply in your business. 30 years ago we used postal services and classified ads in the newspapers to communicate with the outside world. Today we use email and social media. Even with email and social media, there are many different systems, engines and platforms that differentiate the good from excellent or the effective from non-effective. The role of the technology on one’s success can never be overstated.
  • Time Management
    Having all the training in the world and the quintessential tools with the most advanced technologies will only get you so far on the success ladder without proper time management. The skills to manage your time is necessary to properly integrate, prioritize and manage your team, staff, clients, vendors and everything and everyone in your business. Most importantly, it is the most important element necessary in creating a balanced life between home and business, between family, friends, work, play, pray and reaching the ultimate level of success to include financial security, time freedom and happiness.

Ironically, I had hired an offshore staff in India, an amazing person, a gentleman by the name Kuldeep (cool name) to help me with some excel work and I noticed he had tweaked the Archilochus quote and posted it in place of his profile picture. The quote read “You do not rise the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems”.

Putting two and two together, the original quote from Archilochus and the conversation with David, Kuldeep’s tweaked version of the quote resonated with me in my own business and shed light on the whole success conversation. Obviously, a system for success is a bit more involved than the 4 T’s mentioned above, nonetheless, your level of success can be adjusted up or down with the level of your system like the volume knob on the old TV and radio sets.

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