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2009-2010: Radio Talk Show host at KIRN 670 AM in Los Angeles and KCAA 1050 AM in San Bernardino
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Entrepreneur, mortgage lender, and a RE Investor with experience in more than 2000 closed transactions across the nation as a buyer, seller, lender and an investor.
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If you are getting in real estate for any reason other than to make money while helping others achieve financial success, don’t!  Real estate is a tough business, comes with odd hours of work and legal liabilities. But, you can make sick money in real estate, more than you can imagine with the right mindset, the right practices, and with the right attitude if you follow the path to success and avoid the pitfalls.

Everyone knows the 80/20 rule. Real Estate Agents are no exception to that either. 20% of them make 80% of the revenue in the industry.  Why is that? I don’t know. Every single person in the 80% group has a different excuse of his or her own. Whether legitimate or not, is not for me to judge.  But the people in the top 20%, all have some commonalities that help them succeed in their career. I call them the 7 habits of highly effective realtors. I picked up the phrase from one of my favorite books, The 7 habits of highly effective People, by author #StephenCovey.  Let’s take a look.

  1. It begins with their belief system. Highly effective realtors, either they start with a belief in their abilities that has been established in them throughout their lives, or they discover their talents and skills after they get into the business and it shapes their belief in their abilities, in their confidence, in their purpose and practices  that helps them succeed to the highest levels. People’s lives will change with a change in their beliefs for better or worse.  You too, can change your life for better by changing your beliefs.  My good friend #MarkPrather, the founder of Mark 1 Wealth Academy talks about this subject often and has written on it in his book “why the rich stays rich and the poor stays poor”.
  2. One of the pre-requisites for success is discipline.  Again, successful people either are brought up disciplined or develop discipline in their businesses at some point. Without discipline, high efficiency is next to impossible. What does discipline have to do with success?  People with discipline repeat activities that brings them success in a systematic way, on a routine schedule, and execute with precision. And they fine tune, tweak and improve their activities time after time.  On the same token, these folks, disciplined people avoid unproductive, frivolous activities and spend hardly any time on them.
  3. They understand and appreciate the value of time. Time management is another trait necessary for success and is very common among highly successful realtors. These people spend 80% of their time on high impact (result producing) activities, such as sales calls, in person networking and nurturing relationships. They have a calendar of activities and hardly deviate from their scheduled activities, unless for a good strong reason and only occasionally.
  4. Highly effective realtors understand and appreciate the value of relationships and the lifetime value of a customer. In another word, successful realtors don’t sell properties, they build and nurture strong relationships and the selling of properties that results in income is a by-product of having as many strong ties and relationships.
  5. Highly effective realtors understand and realize the value of money. One needs to spend money to make money, and they know it well. They spend their money wisely.  They know how to budget for success.  They spend good money, but rarely waste money.  There is a big difference on spending good money and wasting it.  Spending money on tools, technology, training, and marketing is wise, spending money on building relationships is smart. Spending money on personal items unnecessarily is not so smart, it’s a waste.
  6. Successful realtors value education and training.  Aside from taking classes, hiring coaches and trainers, their leisure time is more spent on reading educational material, listening to podcasts and watching videos that add value to their lives and businesses.  They pick mentors, watch them, read about them, spend time with them, and model their lives after them. Reading books, inspiring, uplifting and business books is a priority for them over watching TV and following the news.  “The 7 habits of highly effective people” by #StephenCovey and “Your Brain at Work” by #DavidRock are some good reading, I highly recommend them.
  7. Not all but some have respect for balance. In my opinion, financial success is only a part of true success. True success is about having a balance in life, having enough money to fulfill your financial needs and dreams, having the time to enjoy your financial success, and share it with family and loved ones.  Remember, we work to live, not live to work.

If you are or starting a real estate career, you want to be in the top 20%, you want to make sick money while helping others succeed financially. You want to be legend.  You can do it. There is plenty of resources for guidance and support.  If you are not a member here, sign up for free to tap into a wealth of information, network 24/7 with coaches, trainers, and vetted vendors.  I will also be glad to share with you my 30 years of experience in closing more than 2000 transactions as an buyers, seller, investor, agent and a lender. Today my practice is lending and I have access to all RE financing sources.  For all RE financing needs, contact me at or send me a friend request here on this platform.

Cheers to you and your success!

Saeed Ghaffari,  M&M Founder & Contributor