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So Cal Real Estate Marketbeat

The active inventory has dropped again in every county. New listings are lowered in  most of the counties and closings are up across the southland.  What does it all mean? Not being an economist doesn’t help, but having data on a longer time period may give a better...

Mortgage Report / So Cal RE Market Update

(A must read for agents, buyers and sellers) Mortgage Report The general loan limits for the 2021 have been released. Courtesy of Loan America For all your mortgage/real estate needs and lender/realtor referral connect with me, @saeed_ghaffari on...

La Habra Market Beat

What about La Habra? A little History, Real Estate Stats, Schools and population Information A little History The name referred to the “Pass Through the Hills,” the natural pass through the hills to the north first discovered and used by Spanish explorers of...

Mortgage Report / So Cal RE Market Update

(A must read for agents, buyers and sellers) Mortgage Report Interest rates are historically low post presidential election.  After the 2016 election, rates went up from 3.47% to 4.2%, reports Freddie Mac.  In 2012 rates essentially stood still. They were at 3.38% in...

Pre-qualification, Pre-approval & Full Loan Approval

(A must read by first time home buyers and new agents) A mistake some real estate buyers make is they start looking for homes before talking to a lender, leading to disappointment, as they often look at the properties out of their reach and they get the disappointing...

Dana Point Market Beat

Little History The city was named after the headland of Dana Point, which was in turn named after Richard Henry Dana, Jr., author of Two Years Before the Mast, which included a description of the area. Dana described the locale, including neighboring San Juan...

So Cal Real Estate Market Beat

So Cal Market Beat with a Focus on Dana Point Red dots are all over the graph. For the 3rd week in a row we see a decline in active listings on the market in So Cal. We also notice a drop in new listings in 5 out of 6 counties in So Cal.  Closings also dropped in all...

Mortgage Loan Application, Approval Process And The Bottlenecks

What is a loan application and approval process and why is it that some lenders make it easy, some make it difficult. Some make it fast and quick and others take forever. What are the bottlenecks and where are they? Typically a mortgage loan application is for tens of...

So Cal Real Estate Market Beat

For the second week in a row the active inventory numbers went down in every county.  This is partly due to listings changing status to pending, under contract, and some may have expired or cancelled.  It would have been nice to see new listings in the market...

Laguna Niguel Market Beat

What About Laguna Niguel?   History & Attractions: The name Laguna Niguel is derived from the words "Laguna" (Spanish for "lagoon") and "Niguili" (the name of a Native American village once located near Aliso Creek). Laguna Niguel is located in the San Joaquin...

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