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You’re Invited to Homeownership Day 2022 – Achieving Through Real Estate

As we saw people quit their jobs and aspire for extraordinary things in the year of ‘The Great Resignation‘, we also saw a huge shift in housing needs and requirements. People ‘quit’ apartments & condos, and opted for single family homes with yards. Families upgraded living space, as employment and schools had extended virtual runs. Change is still happening everywhere, and home is at the center of it all.

Self Love

Here’s the difficulty, I believe, with even imagining what loving myself would look like. When admonished to love myself, I imagine loving the bundle of issues and complaints, the preferences and indulgences I am, my personality, my self-to-date. Yes, I could make sense of loving that guy unconditionally, that work-in-progress with all his foibles. But there are aspects of that guy, me, that—although I understand them—I’m not ready to embrace as-is, like my need to look good, my approval-seeking, my fear of authority and angry people, etc.

Awareness for 2022

We are all looking for improvement in our lives.
What I find interesting with the 5 areas above is that if I improve in one area only the other 4 just follow along.
What I personally find the easiest area to improve may not be easy for another person.

So Cal Re Market Report

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So Cal Re Market Report/ Buyer, Seller & Investor Tips

So Cal Re Market Report/ Buyer, Seller & Investor Tips Saeed Ghaffari Saeed is the founder of Money, Real Estate & More. With over 30 years of experience as a lender, investor and a real estate professional, he provides free consulting in these fields. To...


I recently joined a powerful community of real estate agents, loan officers, and people in surrounding industries; and I’d like to share with you the bevy of resources they offer. Check out Money, Real Estate & More.

Should you list your home For Sale during the Holidays?

Homes decorated for the holidays often feel warm and inviting.
Often homes look great with the additional holiday decorations. There is
something about the holidays that makes people feel comfortable and nostalgic.
These are both great feelings for potential buys to have when they are looking at
your home. My recommendation is to add some of your best holiday décor
items and remember to not go overboard. Those deflated lawn decorations
never look as good during the day when potential buyers are viewing your home.

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