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“Holistic Financial Planning” by: Paul Van

Paul Vann Your hopes are our goals You’ve “made it”— on paper, at least. You may have done some planning along the way, but as you reflect on how to enjoy your success, you ask yourself “Is it enough?” You’ve come to realize the many ways to enjoy all you’ve built and...

So Cal RE Market Report / Buyer, Seller & Investor Tips” by: Saeed Ghaffari

All counties in So Cal had a drop in Active Inventory Listings except for __________?
Closings were up on all 6 counties. _______ county had the highest and  _______ had the lowest increases.
Coming Soon Listing Inventory was up in all 6 counties. San Diego was on top with ___% and __________ was on the bottom with 3.95%.

“Business Sales and Valuation” By: Matt Manavi

The American dream is to own a business, draw an income while building equity, then sell your business to retire. This cycle has been going on for many decades. Business savvy individuals have written many books and articles on ways to succeed. The purpose of this short article is to summarize critical necessary steps for the business owners who may be thinking of selling their business within the next five years and the entrepreneurs who may be thinking of buying a business.

“What About Compton?” By: Anita Jones

Anita Jones Anita Jones is a licensed Realtor with over 25 years of experience. Anita understands the home buying and home sale process. To connect with me, sign up on and/or log in to the platform to send her a private message.   What About Compton?  History...

“Credit Myths Dispelled” by: Nerissa Rush

Many people do not realize that there are many credit reporting agencies out there, however, the three main nationwide credit reporting agencies used are Experian, Equifax and Transunion. Myth buster…. Credit reporting agencies (CRAs) are NOT responsible for your credit scores…

“So Cal RE Market Report / Buyer, Seller & Investor Tips” by: Saeed Ghaffari

Active Inventory listings changed direction and went up by .92%, the week before, it was reported at .18% drop. The more properties on the market, the more advantage towards buyers.
Compared to the week before, more new listings are on the market, 12.83% and older listings dropped by 8.43%, signs of a very active market, good for the economy.

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