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  • More & More Marketing LLC, also known as Money, Real Estate & More, also known as (M&M) is a social media and marketing platform. The content posted on the platform by members, ​advertisers, sponsors, podcast contributors, coaches​, people ​and businesses, have not been verified by M&M and do not represent M&M and its management and investors’ views and opinions.
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  • Before engaging in business with members, investors,​advertisers, sponsors, podcast contributors, coaches, people ​and businesses ​you meet in our ​platforms and on our events & workshops, be sure to do your own due diligence on their product and services.  Their presence on our platforms, and the recommendations of their products & services by members and guests may not be taken as ​M&M endorsement, unless it is expressly stated and disclosed in writing as such. 
  • ​Members hold harmless M&M, it’s management and investors for any damages incurred as a result of engaging in investment opportunities and doing business with ​members, ​advertisers, sponsors, podcast contributors, coaches​, people ​and businesses ​​they meet​s​ in our platforms​.