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Martin Kettelhut

Martin Kettelhut

Martin Kettelhut, PhD


Martin now lives on the Front Range in Colorado, co-writing and -leading Programs for the InnerActiveInstitute with Leslie Jones. “The reason clients produce unprecedented results like…

“…brought on two new partners and did $75K production by the end of February, half as much as in all of the preceding year.” –Susan Wilkinson, Blue Ridge Financial

“…did 2& 1/2 times my monthly goal.” —Kerryl Johnson, Wholesaler (VantageGroup)

“…transferred firms, brought over most of the assets and best clients, brought in $7.5MM in new assets, placed $3.5MM in new fee business, maintained the same gross production, all in the worst bear market in 70 years.” –Joy Ellison VP, UBS

…is that they were guided by effective soul-searching before jumping into action.” –Leslie Jones, President, InnerActive Institute

Doc has also worked individually with lawyers, doctors, painters, accountants, electrical and construction contractors, clergy, domestic engineers, even a food-&-wine critic. “It is crucial that organizations and communities recognize the need to invest in the ongoing growth of their human resources,” writes Doc.

His book “LISTEN…Till You Disappear,”publish in January 2014, is available from all major book-sellers. He maintains that health and meditation are crucial factors in producing these results. “Doc” is an avid swimmer, classical pianist, and counts among his highest achievements summiting Mount Kilimanjaro in August of 2000.

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Imposter Syndrome

September 22, 2021

Facing unprecedented horizons like these, folks will often confide in me (the prospective coach) that they doubt themselves, their skills and preparedness for the new situation, and fear they will be exposed as a fraud….

Self-care and The One

September 08, 2021

When you structure self-care for the fulfillment of your intentions, your actions must align with your truest self. These are bound to be bold actions; they bring you outside your box/mind toward unprecedented …

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1) I work with entrepreneurs to clear the clutter in the mind and around you, so you can create the business life you really want. 2) We uncover the reason you were born and streamline your activity to forward that purpose. 3) Because your communication is currently designed to protect you, it grossly limits your full expressive power. We will train in communication that frees you up to make the difference you want to.n 4) Accountability is crucial to breaking through to a new level of results. 5) A good coach reveals to you the blindspots holding you back from living your optimal potential. 6) Together we build structures to support the sustaining of best practices.

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