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Devaughn Dames (RTP-BizDevelopment)

My name is Dr. DeVaughn Dames, and I am the founder of RTP-BizDevelopment. RTP-BizDevelopment is an international consulting company specializing in asset-backed investment partnerships. Our goal is to offer our investing clients the best service and find the right capital partnerships for your team. Our groups include partnerships in equity and debt instruments.

We do more than just funding. Call us today (877)-505-4434, and if you have a project, we have a capital partner for you. We also have unique partnerships for real estate syndication, co-investing in multifamily units, specialty trusts, virtual accounting, personal financial accounting, trust accounting, corporate structures, taxes, crowdfunding, private lenders, tradelines, capital raising for debt and equity instruments.


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What is a Financial Coach?

September 14, 2021

A financial coach is an advisor who can motivate you to reach your financial and business goals by teaching you money management skills. A business coach can improve your financial literacy by providing you with strategies to organize your finances to maximize your wealth.


July 06, 2021

You are an entrepreneur and have a new business idea, or you are a business owner with an established enterprise who wishes to expand your operation, seeking capital from various lenders and sources. Where do you begin?

Virtual CFO and It’s Benefits

Junr 08, 2021

RTP-BizDevelopment provides a variety of financial consulting services. Among them are accounting, tax, and corporate financial services. Whether you are a local business, medium office, or multinational corporation, RTP-BizDevelopment has full staff of experienced and…

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