1 on 1 Executive Business Life Coaching

$1,000.00 / month for 3 months

  • three 1-hour sessions/month;
  • minimum Agreement is for three months




  • These Agreements begin with clarity on goals, and the plan for achieving those goals.
  • We will measure our progress against the practices and milestones outlined in that plan.
  • Along the way we will face challenges and victories, adjusting our approach to meet the needs, and ultimately getting you the results you want.

Two fundamental distinctions in our work are:

Purpose – What are you here for? Why do you choose this direction in life, why do you do what you do, & why do you want to achieve these goals? We approach this big question from both the external signs (performance, feedback, successes and failures) and from the internal connection to your heart and soul (aspirations, contemplation, intuition).

Gremlin – Your Inner Critic. Each of us harbors a central criticism of ourself. It was inculcated when you quite young and just learning the differences between you and other people and things in the world. Your Gremlin has been making your choices, holding you back in crucial moments, and forcing you to overcompensate (for the flaw it claims you possess) when it could be exposed. Once you come to terms with your Gremlin, it no longer runs you, so you experience your own power like never before.