Season 2, Episode 9

So Cal RE Market: Weekly presentation and analysis of MLS (multiple listings system) data


Featured Market: The All American City of Placentia, featured Listings/History/Attractions/Schools/Population/Fun Facts & current real estate market. 

TLC: Lender fees and Pre-Paid Closing Costs (Taxes, Insurance and Interest) And How To Shop For And Negotiate Them.

Dec 16th, 2020 | Podcast

Important Disclaimer

  • Subject property is for sale as of the time it is posted on this site. Please contact a realtor to check the current status of the property.
  • The interest rate, closing costs, tax rates, mortgage insurance premiums and monthly figures all are estimated and actual cost may vary at time of closing are subject.
  • The formula used to quote the Income Needed to Qualify is based on general guidelines for an ideal borrower. The Income Needed to Qualify will vary and may be lower or higher based on the amount of down payment, borrower’s credit history, lender guidelines, etc. To further explore your qualification, other loan options and loan programs, please consult with a licensed loan officer.
  • The above information is provided for advertising and promotional purposes. You must contact a licensed loan officer to get real time quotes on rates and fees.
  • Please connect with experienced realtors and loan officers on our site or contact us at


Saeed Ghaffari

Saeed Ghaffari


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Erich Roden – RE Legends

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City of Placentia 

1102 Cypress Point Dr.

1102 Cypress Point Dr.

Placentia 92870
1102 Cypress Point Dr.

1409 Zehner Way

1409 Zehner Way

Placentia 92870

1409 Zehner Way

1566 Perry Dr

1566 Perry Dr

Placentia 92870
1566 Perry Dr

About Season 2 – Episode 9

Episode 9: So Cal RE Market – Weekly presentation and analysis of MLS (multiple listings system) data

Saeed sheds light on lender fees and prepaid expenses in a real estate loan transaction on the first segment- He and his guest, Erich Roden discuss the So Cal Real Estate Market with emphasis on Placentia to include featured listings, schools, history and fun facts – The final segment offers What’s Up on, addressing listeners’ comments, questions and posts on the platform’s newsfeed, providing a report on new businesses listed on the platforms directory and covering events listed on the calendar. You may sign up on the platform for free to leave your comments and questions for the host and guests on the program and enjoy all the benefits it offers, real estate and finance articles , networking opportunities with real estate professionals and service providers across the U.S.

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