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Create & Implement Effective Systems by Martin Kettelhut

Dr. Martin Kettelhut

When I first started working with Marty I was unhappy at my job, stressed out, working too much and had way too little time for myself and my family. Since then I quit my job, started a new business, and am making more money. I am doing what I want and loving doing it (the funny thing is, it’s the same kind of work, just now it’s on my own terms). I also have more time for myself; I drop my kids off in the morning, go on more bike rides, have time for my Yoga, and have time to tend my garden. My next goal is to add a zero to my paychecks without having to change the quality of my life-or even make it more of what I love. You’ll be hearing back from me! Thanks Marty!

David Burson

Loan Officer