So Cal RE Market Report / Buyer, Seller & Investor Tips” by: Saeed Ghaffari

So Cal RE Market Report / Buyer, Seller & Investor Tips” by: Saeed Ghaffari

March 31, 2021


By Saeed Ghaffari

Saeed Ghaffari

Saeed is the founder of Money, Real Estate & More. With over 30 years of experience as a lender, investor and a real estate professional, he provides free consulting in these fields.

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Saeed Ghaffari

So Cal Market Beat


MLS Data provided courtesy of Real Estate Legends, USA

Table below shows the impact of the market trends and factors on our economy, ECON 101.

Buyer, Seller & Investor Tips

  • Active Inventory listings was down this week by .92%, while the week before we had seen .5% rise. The less properties on the market, the less choices buyers have to choose from, giving an advantage to the sellers.
  • The average closings were up also by 5.76% in So Cal. Every county was in the green on this category, Ventura leading with 14.08% increase in closings. LA and San Bernardino were in 2nd and 3rd place with 8.85% and 8.74% increase, both significant numbers.
  • The new listings were down in every county except for San Bernardino that showed a rise in new listings by 5.62%. The average for the region was a negative 2.49%. On the other hand, the older listings went down too in every county except for San Diego. The average inventory of older listings was down by 4.92% with Ventura leading the pack at 10.29% followed by Orange County by 10.02%. All good news.
  • The Activity Index (the percentage of new listings to the active listings) was down .74% and the Aging Index (the percentage of older listings to active listings) was down by .71%.
  • The best news of all, the coming soon was up in every county with San Diego in first place with 13.14% increase, San Bernardino in second and Riverside in 3rd place with 9.32% and 7.23% respectively.

Buyers, Sellers & Investors: Seek the advice of an experienced local realtor for data specific to your market.  Work with realtors with skills and character you can trust, find them on our Real Estate Expert Panel on our home page.

Active Inventory took a small dive, .92%.

New Listings were down by 2.49% (no good), Older Listings were down by 4.94% (really good)

7.3% increase in Coming Soon Listings (Properties about to hit the market in 10 days or less).

Closings were up by 5.76% in So Cal with every county in green. I love green, don’t you?

For data specific to your local market, we have expert real estate professionals listed on M&M Expert Panel under the real estate column. Additional real estate services maybe found in M&M Business Directory. For free real estate and mortgage consulting, write to [email protected].

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