“What About Compton?” By: Anita Jones

“What About Compton?” By: Anita Jones

March 24, 2021


By Angie Week

Anita Jones

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What About Compton? 

History & Fun Facts regarding Compton

You will love the City of  Compton . The city is a family city with lots of parks, great restaurants and very family oriented.  Centrally located to the 91 freeway and 105 freeway and the Metro link. Adjacent to Lakewood and Long Beach . City has overcome many obstacles and experienced significant growth with a very active Redevelopment Agency including a New Hospital – Martin Luther King Hospital (in partnership with UCLA), shopping and new construction residential housing.

Compton is  located in southeast Los Angeles County, California, in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. It was founded in 1867.  It was originally named Comptonvil and later changed to Compton. City of officially incorporated  in May 1888.  Compton is also known for its rich farming communities in particular  Richland Farms.  The Richland Farm Community still exists  with large lots and many people in Richland Farms still own horses.

City is known as a hub city (because of its unique geographic in the center of the County).  Compton has a very diverse city council; has many active community organizations and city is known for volunteerism and activism. The Corporate offices of Ralphs grocery is located in Compton. MLK Hospital was rebuilt in 2015 and is a wonderful private hospital that is jointly operated with UCLA.  King Drew University is a well know medical university that has produced many outstanding physicians.  Many of the students perform their residency at the hospital.

compton california


Compton has a small public airport – Woodley Airport .It is the home of the Crystal Home Park Casino and hotel,  the beautiful Dollarhide Community Center  and the MLK Transits center which interfaces with LB and the LA Metro Blue Line System. The Heritage House is a State Historic landmark built in 1869. The Gateway Town Center was established in 2007 shopping and restaurants.  Compton is adjacent to Long Beach with the home of the Aquarium, Pike and Shoreline Village, LB Convention Center and lots of entertainment.

Compton has its own school district and a Community College – Compton College (known for its awesome nursing program).


Compton is reported to have a population of 97,847 with a median age of 30 and a median annual income of $43,230, according to the 2010 U.S. census.

Climate Comfort Index of 9.4 /10

Real Estate Market

Single Family:

Compton is a great city to purchase because it’s very affordable.  Median Home Purchase price is $405,000.  Compton  offers great home prices for first time homebuyers with single family and condos inventory.

Real Estate Market


Condo : Keep in mind, current condo inventory is very low in Compton as of this report.

Single Family Residence Condominium
Median Price $500,000 $410,000
Price Per Square Foot $416 $312

Here is the rental market in Compton:

1 Bedroom 2 bedroom 3 bedroom 4 bedroom
Median Rent $1185 $1535 $2055 $2265


Resources: Altos.re, bestplaces.net & Wikipedia

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