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the way you are meant to do everything you do

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Notice how much more alive and motivated you feel when you desist from doing anything but living your purpose. We’ll unpack this momentarily, but first…
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Your purpose in life isn’t something to do; it’s the way you are meant to do everything you do. Purpose is different from mission. A mission is something you can accomplish, like doubling your income, learning to speak Dutch, or swimming a mile in under half an hour. Your purpose is the quality you bring to accomplishing your mission; it’s also the quality you bring to doing nothing.
Following are the top five benefits of living from purpose.
1 – Living from your purpose redefines success; instead of success being about accomplishing any certain goal, success is really about how completely you align with your truth, i.e. bring that quality (your most essential nature) to whatever you do. This even includes choosing your goals; what you choose to aim for in life is best shaped by the purpose/quality you are here to bring out in the world. For instance, Harv’s choice to serve on the local school board is based in his commitment to education as a means to freedom (his purpose). My choice to be a coach—partnering with folks to make the most of life—is based in my purpose: delight.
2 – Ever wish you had more time? You save and indeed create a tremendous amount of time when you bring awareness of your purpose to relationships. With no sense of purpose, you find yourself busier trying to keep up than you are fulfilled in life. Because your purpose clarifies what to say, where to stand, and how to hold commitments, relationships flourish or fade appropriately and naturally.
3 – We expend a great deal of vital force trying to foresee, prepare, and alter the future; this is the source of anxiety, worry, and unease. Most of which falls away when you focus on bringing your purpose to each moment, because you no longer need to see and understand everything about where you’re going; all you need to do is choose the action that expresses your truth in any given instance. Doing so also prevents you from reacting from ego and blurting out something you might regret and need to clean up in the future.
4 – Living from purpose gives you stability and focus in challenging moments, moments when you don’t feel safe. The heat is on; it’s time to score some goals or lose the proverbial game (income, relationships, health…). And so, you center yourself in your core quality, and this gives you the power to play with abandon. Or you suddenly become aware you’ve made a mistake and it’s something that needs immediate corrective attention; so you center yourself in who you really are, your purpose; and this fills you with courage and strength to take action in the face of headwinds.
5 – The greatest benefit of living from purpose is pure enjoyment. When you concentrate on doing nothing but living your purpose, you don’t get caught up in internal debates. When you surrender the voices of both inner and outer critics, and instead give yourself fully to embodying your true nature, you have a much better time. Uncertainty and fear turn into aliveness and creativity. You are purely joyful whenever you know you’re connecting to life in the way you are meant to. Aligning with your purpose facilitates letting go of the false sense of separateness you’ve tolerated over the years, and enjoy profound connection. Stress is eliminated because you are living both the life of your choice and the life you were destined to live.
Practice giving up ego and be your purpose. It’s probably not a coincidence that a friend sent me this quotation from Ram Dass today:  “When the transformation has occurred and you’re not busy being anybody, then the only thing that’s coming through is God. Then, just like a river or a tree, you are a perfect statement of the dharma, of the flow.” 
Now, remember to go to Money, Real Estate & More, click on “2022 Brand New Feature: M&M Coach’s Corner” in the green band at the top of the Home page, and reserve your spot in the YOUR WHY Workshop January 12th.



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